FAST - FRC Scouter

FAST is a modern scouting application for the FIRST Robotics Competition. It enables all the scouts and strategists on your team to easily access all of your team’s data. Scouted data and match information is transmitted seamlessly from the stands straight to the pit so your team can make actionable decisions about match strategy and alliance selection and, most importantly, win!

Never deal with loads and loads of paper scouting sheets or complex, hard-to-manage custom computer scouting systems ever again. FAST is easy enough for a rookie team to get started with, yet powerful enough to support the data needs of a large, world-class team.


Cross device use

For iPhone or iPad, our cloud based scouting application is designed to quickly and easily be adapted by any FRC team, no matter the budget. Finally, teams with low resources are not at a strategic disadvantage! From pit scouting to stand scouting, FAST has you and, more importantly, your data covered! We pull data from The Blue Alliance API to give you up-to-date schedules, rankings, and more! Everything is stored by device and on the cloud, so every device can have all the data at once as soon as they are connected to the Internet!


Stands scouting

Stands scouting is ridiculously simple yet well thought out. Everything you press has a time stamp, and you can quickly record where teams pick up and place cubes in real time!


Pit scouting and main screen

With pit scouting, you quickly organize all your pictures and basic questions in one place, and it happens to be right next to our extensive statistics calculated straight from stands scouting!