game overview

how the robot works

After countless strategy meetings, the team decided to design a robot that takes its totes from the human player. A tote was dropped onto the floor, and the robot utilized arms to roll the tote into the robot. Claws made of PCP lifted the tote in order to make room for another tote to be rolled into the robot. After stacking between 4 and 5 totes, the robot utilized its arms to slide the totes into the scoring platform. The back of the robot contained a metal claw that hooked and raised the recycle bins and litter was placed into the bins. The bins were finally placed onto the stack of totes.


what we did

After a tiring 6 weeks of success and failure, the 70+ members of WCA robotics, led by Alex Kessel, designed and built a robot for FRC's 2015 Recycle Rush.

During the Arkansas and St. Louis Regionals, the Cyborg Cats demonstrated, through their robot, what they bring to the competition and how they could improve. After successful runs during those regionals, Team 4256 was invited to participate in Worlds. 

Arms- rolls in totes from chute or landfill

Inside claws- lifts totes up

Back claw- lift recycling bin to place on totes

Mecanum wheels- drive a straight line in any direction


Lift 5 totes on platform

Lift 4 totes with recycling bin and litter