What we built: Our robot is made up of three main systems: intake, shooter, and drive train. Our intake is in the shape of an inverted wedge to help with defenses like the rock wall and the ramparts. It is run by two rollers and poly-chord running between to suck up the ball. The shooter is powered by two CIM motors and 4 inch wheels. The drive chains is run by chain and pneumatically shifting gearboxes powering 6 pneumatic wheels. 


We bagged and tagged the robot at 11:56pm 02/23/16


Intake Arms- Enable us to go over Cheval de Frise and lift the Porticullis while also allowing us to pick up a boulder and eject one into the low goal.

Guide Rails- Help to provide a smooth pass through the Low Bar and Porticullis.

Shooter- Allows us to shoot the ball into the high goal with great consistency.

West Coast Drive- Six chain driven pneumatic tires with two gears