The Robot- 2014



As of Tuesday February 18 at 11:49, the Westminster Robotics Team finished bagging its robot for the 2014 competition. The process went smoothly, aside from a broken wheel, and the team met the deadline that First has set. Now, they will not be able to touch it until the teams' first regional competition.

The Westminster Christian Academy robot "Clarence" rocketed its way to 2nd place overall in the St. Louis Regional. This allowed the Cyborg Cats to alliance with teams 1985 and 4330 for the bracket play. The Cyborg Cats went on to the finals and couldn't emerge victorious, however, they were allowed to go to worlds since the opposing alliance leader had already won another regional. 



Mecanum Wheels- Travel in a straight line in any direction.

Arms- Direct ball towards scoring mechanism.


Shoot Exercise Balls

Gathers Exercise Balls

Catches Exercise Balls


Aerial Assist